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Fresh Express Laundry Center is an eco-friendly self-service laundry focused on customer convenience and community outreach. We also offer free WIFI, ozone sanitization in every wash, big 10-load washers, the ability to pay your way, and a “Family Read, Play, Learn” literacy center.

At Fresh Express Laundry, our customers can wash/sanitize, dry and fold laundry in less than 60 minutes using our high-speed Continental ExpressWash® laundry equipment and integrated San-O3-Wash Ozone System. We not only deliver the fastest wash in our area, we reduce our customers’ exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Open 5:00 am to 11:00 pm daily!

Pay Your Way

  • high speed laundry equipmentPay your way at Fresh Express Laundry! Operate our equipment using Apple Pay, coins, or a loyalty, credit, or debit card. It’s quick and simple.

  • Our Mission

    • Our mission here is simply stated: To obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction and professionalism in the self-service laundry industry. To be the standard bearer of excellence in our industry. For every person, be she or he a customer, a vendor, a neighbor, or an employee, to know their greatness, dignity, and contribution in our world.

  • San-O3-Wash

    Sanitized Laundry for Your Peace of Mind

    Our Continental high-speed washers work seamlessly with the San-O3-Wash Ozone System to sanitize laundry — eliminating 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the wash, including MRSA and HIV. San-O3-Wash uses ozone gas to breakdown and wash away organic matter, such as dirt, mold, bacteria and viruses. It’s one more layer of assurance that our customers’ laundry is truly clean.

  • large machines

    Wash & Sanitize Big, Bulky Loads

    Use our giant, 10-load washers to clean and sanitize large, family sized loads and bulky items, including blankets, comforters, rugs, and more. These big washers automatically inject eco-friendly soaps and softeners into the load. Hands down, we boast the largest washers in the area!

  • Read Play Learn Center

    Family Read, Play & Learn Center

    Our Family Read, Play & Learn space is perfect for young minds to pursue reading and learning. It offers a comfortable and quiet space where children and families can find a good book and settle in for growing their minds. The books are replenished regularly and we encourage each child to take one home with them.